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Rose Steel Safety

Striving for a Zero Accident Environment

Employee safety is of the upmost importance at Rose Steel Inc. Starting with top management and ingrained throughout the entire company our commitment to providing and creating a safe work environment is a top priority. We believe that it is the Company's responsibility to provide the necessary resources to ensure that all employees have the proper training, knowledge, awareness, and incentive in order to contribute to our stated goal of achieving a zero accident environment.

We believe that the key to a successful safety record is to involve our entire work force so that everyone feels that they have "ownership" in regards to the safety culture of the company.

A staple of our safety program is our safety compliance officer program where an individual employee is selected on a rotating basis to observe, inspect, and document any safety issues that occur during their inspection. The list that is developed is discussed, and an action plan is put in place to either eliminate the unsafe conditions or to correct unsafe work behavior.

While these two examples are important, they are just part of our overall safety program that emphasizes that the safety and welfare of all employees is the top priority of Rose Steel, Inc.